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Derived from the Latin root tortus meaning ‘crooked’ or ‘wrong’, tort law has been a tool of restitutive justice since classical antiquity. Tort remains prominent with negligence, trespass, nuisance and defamation cases continuing to dominate court lists and by extension, media headlines.

The purpose of tort law is to restore the status quo ante by compensating victims of wrongful conduct, provided the claimant successfully shows the loss suffered was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the defendant’s tortious act.

Our leading text in this area, The Law of Torts by McMahon and Binchy, has long been recognised as the authoritative, seminal text on Irish tort law. The fourth edition contains insightful commentary on the key areas of Irish tort law as well as guidance on recent developments including the possibility of vicarious liability for sexual assaults and the updated defamation regime.

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Law of Torts

This is the eagerly awaited new edition of Law of Torts, the complete Irish tort law reference book. For this, the contents have been extensively revised since the last edition was published in 2000. Key developments are detailed and relevant recent case law is examined. This book is essential for both legal practitioners and people studying Irish law. Recent important legislation examined in the book includes: Criminal Law (Defence and... Read more