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Road Traffic Law Books

Road Traffic Law Handbook

Road Traffic Law Handbook is a practitioner’s handbook in respect of Road Traffic Law (RTL) offences in Ireland. The area of RTL is mammoth with 11 Road Traffic Acts since 1961 and countless statutory instruments. This handbook provides practitioners with an easy, accurate reference to categories of offences routinely before court and gives up to date information as to applicable penalties/ disqualification periods. Practitioners do not need to wade through... Read more

The MIBI Agreements and the Law

This second edition of The MIBI Agreements and the Law provides a comprehensive guide to the law which has built up around the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland Agreements (focusing on both statutory and common law liability, together with European law). Written by lawyers, it deals with new regulations and is totally up to date. The appendices have also been completely updated in this new edition. Contents includes: Introduction; The... Read more

Woods on Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Offences are by far the most prosecuted type of criminal offence in the Courts of Ireland. Woods on Road Traffic Offences provides a single of point of reference for road traffic law, covering the investigation, prosecution and the hearing of offence cases. The book covers a wide range of topics including detecting traffic violations, careless driving, parking and obstruction offences, and lighting of vehicles. These are set out... Read more

1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation

Road traffic offences are those which are connected with the ownership, driving or control of mechanically-propelled vehicles in public places, including drunken, dangerous and careless driving. Over 90% of prosecutions in the District Courts are road related. 1961-2017 Road Traffic Legislation sets out annotated road traffic legislation from 1961 to 2017 and covers all relevant case law and Statutory Instruments, which makes it an ideal book for solicitors, barristers and... Read more