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Land law refers to the bundle of rights and duties associated with the ownership of real property. Land law is therefore concerned with the variety of rights which may exist in land, and the various mechanisms for dealing with them.

The leading, authoritative text in this area remains Irish Land Law by J.C.W. Wylie. Renowned for its high degree of clarity, the fifth edition of this core text offers exceptional insight into issues such as co-ownership, succession, easements and adverse possession, making it an essential resource for both students and practitioners.

Residential Tenancies, written by Laura Farrell and edited by J.C.W. Wylie, offers a clear and concise statement of the law regulating private and social leases of dwellings in Ireland, while also explaining the processes and procedures associated with the primary mechanism for resolving disputes – the Residential Tenancies Board.

Other titles in this area include Equity and the Law of Trusts by Ronan Keane, Landlord and Tenant Law by Wylie and Compulsory Purchase and Compensation in Ireland: Law and Practice by Eamonn Galligan and Michael McGrath.

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Property and Land Law Books

Investigating Unregistered Title

This new Irish title, Investigating Unregistered Title, identifies the main problems in investigating such titles and presents proposed solutions. Areas covered include: freeholds, leaseholds, pyramid titles, contents of deeds, capacity of vendors, encumbrances, charges/lien on title, family law, identity – maps, and searches on title. Read more

Landlord and Tenant Law

Long recognised as the definitive work on this area, Landlord and Tenant Law, 3rd edition comprehensively deals with all aspects of this subject relevant to the law in Ireland. It is essential for all practitioners with an interest in property law. The book covers everything from the basics (such as explaining the nature of the relationship between landlord and tenant) to more complex matters such as when disputes arise, and... Read more

Registration of Deeds and Title in Ireland

A comprehensive book in relation to the registration of deeds and titles in Ireland. Given significant and wide-ranging recent developments such as the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006, The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act of 2009, The Civil Law Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2011, electronic registration, electronic conveyancing, digitisation of the land registers and registry maps, abolition of land and charge certificates, registration of prescriptive easements and NAMA... Read more

Irish Land Law

Written with both legal students and practitioners in mind, this highly specialist book is widely recognised as the definitive guide to Irish land law. Comprehensive and clear, this book not only covers the subject of Irish land law with depth and detail, it also offers invaluable information on equity, trusts and succession. The fifth edition of Irish Land Law includes coverage of changes to the controversial law of prescription introduced... Read more

Irish Law of Specific Performance

Covering the remedy for the enforcement of a contract, this essential property law title includes the effect of the ‘subject to contract’ formula; the doctrine of Part Performance; and the effect of the Family Home Protection Act 1976. It also provides a detailed examination of procedural and tactical matters, such as the presentation of the plaintiff’s case, remedies and reliefs. Read more

Intangible Property Rights in Ireland

A comprehensive treatment of the law of intangible property rights in both Ireland and Northern Ireland This great book offers an in-depth examination of the principles and practical aspects of a commonly encountered yet highly complex area of the law, intangible property rights. Legal practitioners will quickly get to grips with the KEY aspects of intangible property rights including easements, profits à prendre, the enforcement of land covenants and licences... Read more

Irish Landlord and Tenant Acts: Annotations, Commentary and Precedents

Irish Landlord and Tenant Acts: Annotations, Commentary and Precedents, a companion to Professor JCW Wylie’s flagship commentary Landlord and Tenant Law, provides heavily annotated and consolidated legislation and precedents. The title consists of two sections with the first detailing the annotated and consolidated legislation. The second section contains precedents that cover such areas as agreements for leases, leases and tenancy agreements, renunciations, licenses and caretaker agreements. Read more

The Law of Agriculture and Farming

The Law of Agriculture and Farming covers many issues including those relating to property, animal identification/transport, etc. in Ireland. It includes new legislation and gives guidance in areas close to the heart of most farmers: succession, occupier’s liability and European legislation. Agriculture is a multi-billion euro industry in Ireland. Important new legislation was introduced in Ireland in 2014 regarding animal health and welfare and a new scheme is being introduced... Read more

Co-ownership of Land

A new, fully updated edition of this guide helps steer legal practitioners confidently through the various remedies available to co-owners of land in Ireland where shared habitation of a property is no longer an option. Covering partition actions, and providing a comprehensive review of the reliefs available to co-owners, whether they are a married couple, co-habitees, family members or persons involved in a joint business venture, this key title will... Read more

Adverse Possession in Ireland

A unique new title dedicated to adverse possession, this book focuses on the proofs, ie animus possidendi and acts of possession by the squatter and the implications of squatting on leasehold land, registered land, co-owned land, land subject to a trust, a future interest or a mortgage. The author examines in detail the use of the doctrine in the context of unadministered estates or informal transactions, and also includes a... Read more

Specific Performance in Ireland

This title deals with the Irish development of the equitable doctrine of specific performance with particular focus on issues such as procedure, defences, subject to contract, part performance and the application of the doctrine to specific types of contract. Contents: 1. The Nature of Specific Performance 2. The Contractual Context of the Remedy 3. Defences to the Action and Discretionary Reasons for Refusal of Relief 4. Statue of Frauds and... Read more

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation in Ireland: Law and Practice

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation in Ireland comprises a comprehensive inventory of compulsory purchase powers by various State and semi-State bodies in Ireland, together with a detailed and practical analysis of the law of compensation in respect of compulsory purchase. Divided into two highly practical sections, this 2nd edition key title provides the busy practitioner with a comprehensive guide to the complex subject of compulsory purchase and compensation. Drawing on a... Read more

Residential Tenancies

Ireland is in a housing and rental crisis. With spiralling rents and a lack of supply comes new challenges for tenants and landlords. Along with this, the legislative changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 are being made in a piecemeal fashion. With so many changes, Residential Tenancies is a much needed exposition of the current law. It provides a clear and comprehensive statement of the law regulating private and... Read more

Farming Law

The essential areas of law that impact on those involved in the Irish Agricultural sector are dealt with efficiently and accessibly in this thorough and comprehensive work. Contents: Foreword by Maeve Dineen, Irish Independent Farming Correspondent; Chapter 1 Occupier’s Liability; Chapter 2 Succession; Chapter 3 Single Farm Payments; Chapter 4 Planning Law; Chapter 5 Farming and Environment Law; Chapter 6 Liability for Animals; Chapter 7 Animal Diseases and the Law;... Read more

Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland

The third edition of this well-established legal text provides a comprehensive treatment and analysis of the area of equity and trusts. Set out in a user-friendly fashion that is easy to navigate, the book traces the development through history of the law of equity, the law of trusts, and equitable remedies. This updated and expanded new edition provides an insight into recent developments in relation to both trusts and equitable... Read more

The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Acts: Annotations and Commentary

The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Acts: Annotations and Commentary remains the indispensable guide to the key legislation governing Irish property law, written by the leading authority in this area of law. J C W Wylie is the author of the leading texts on Irish property law, including Irish Land Law, Irish Conveyancing Law and Irish Landlord and Tenant Law (all published by Bloomsbury Professional). This title sets out the... Read more

Northern Irish Land Law

For many years, practitioners and students in Northern Ireland relied on Wylie’s Irish Land Law. Since the fourth edition in 2010, however, that book covers the law in the Republic only. Northern Irish Land Law is streamlined, more relevant and more accessible. It includes major case law and statutory developments, a new chapter on proprietary estoppel and human rights issues, as relevant to land law, are integrated throughout. Read more