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Planning and Environment Law Books

Energy Law

Within a legal context and having regard to climate change and security of energy supply, the book defines energy, identifies its sources and examines its associated networks and categorises the sources of energy law in Ireland. It also scrutinises the legal aspects of the constituent elements of energy projects both renewable and non-renewable. In addition, the book explores all issues that are peripheral but necessary adjuncts to an energy project... Read more

Local Authority Enforcement

Local Authority Enforcement focuses on the Planning and Development Acts in Ireland and provides detail on evidentiary and procedural matters. The Acts containing the offences included are: Planning and Development Acts, 2000-2011; Waste Management Acts, 1996-2011; Water Services Acts, 2007-2012; Building Control Acts, 1997 and 2007; Fire Services Acts, 1981 and 2003; Derelict Sites Act, 1990; Control of Dogs Acts, 1986-2010; Litter Pollution Acts, 1997-2009; Regulations. Contents: Part I –... Read more

Key Issues in Planning and Environmental Law

The Planning and Development Act 2000 and the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 introduced several important changes into Irish planning law such as the provision for social and affordable housing. This key legislation is fully explored and clearly explained by a leading expert in this essential planning and environmental law title. As well as this legislative information, Key Issues in Planning and Environmental Law provides an explanation of the key... Read more

Planning and Environmental Law in Ireland

Planning and Environmental Law in Ireland provides clear guidance on the laws of sustainable development in Ireland and explains how these laws should be implemented in practice. It draws your attention to the necessity for sustainable development and the underlying principles in this area of Irish law. This book is intended for everyone involved in planning and environmental matters and helps you to decide, on a day-to-day basis, whether the... Read more

Irish Planning and Development Acts: Consolidated and Annotated

This fourth supplement to the major loose-leaf work Irish Planning Law and Practice lays out a consolidated version of the 2000 Act, incorporating all the amendments made from 15 November 2011 (the last edition) up to September 2017. It includes changes made by: * Electoral, Local Government and Planning and Development Act 2013, Part 8 * Local Government Reform Act 2014, ss 1(8), 5(7) and Sch 2 Part 4. *... Read more