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From restrictions on court reporting through to the rich ECJ jurisprudence on privacy rights in an era of seemingly-unrestricted paparazzi activity, media law has come to occupy a prominent position in the wider assemblage of practice areas.

Media Law in Ireland by Eoin Carolan and Ailbhe O’Neill remains the dominant, authoritative text in this emergent area, offering compelling analysis on issues like the theoretical justifications for freedom of expression, defamation and privacy in the internet age as well as the oft-contentious concept of press regulation.

Aimed at practitioners and businesses alike, The Law of Advertising in Ireland by Patrick Ambrose provides targeted insight into the regulations and restrictions governing advertising in Ireland, including an in-depth consideration of consumer protection law as it applies to advertisements.

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Media Law Books

The Law of Advertising in Ireland

The Law of Advertising in Ireland identifies both the general and specific laws and regulations that apply to the advertising of products and services in Ireland. Divided into two parts, the first focuses on law, regulation and other key issues to be considered when advertising generally, for example consumer protection and contract law. The second part contains separate chapters on specific advertising law, regulation and codes of practice imposed on... Read more

Media Law in Ireland

From fake news to foreign affairs, the media continues to be one of the dominating forces of modern life. Now in its second edition, Media Law in Ireland provides a comprehensive overview of one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing areas of the law. The way in which people consume media has changed and developed immensely in recent years. New platforms, and new ways of creating and consuming content... Read more