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Litigation is the process of taking an argument between private individuals or legal entities before a court or tribunal for adjudication, the result of which creates a legal precedent which may be relied upon in future as per the doctrine of stare decisis.

In this way, litigation forms the entire basis for the common law as it is in effect an adversarial system of justice which allows the veracity of each side’s conflicting story to be interrogated against the backdrop of a system of well-established legal principles.

Our industry-focused range of litigation titles is led by Practice and Procedure in the Superior Courts (3rd Ed) by Benedict Ó Floinn. This new edition contains annotated guidance on the full suite of rules and orders which govern appearances before the superior courts, making it an invaluable guide for any lawyer engaged in regular litigation.

Other titles in this area include Prison Law by Mary Rogan, Ancillary Discovery by David O’Neill and Mareva Injunctions and Related Interlocutory Orders by Dr Thomas B. Courtney. Also available is our online service, Irish Civil Litigation, a useful digital catalogue which is updated regularly to take stock of new developments, practice guidelines and precedents affecting civil litigation in Ireland.

Our titles are available for purchase in print or e-book format.

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Litigation Books

Mareva Injunctions and Related Interlocutory Orders

This key title focuses exclusively on the issues surrounding Mareva injunctions, Anton Piller orders and other disclosure orders. Comprehensive yet practical, this book provides information on many important issues arising in civil litigation such as the drafting of affidavits, and the drafting of injunctions. Uniquely, it cites over 100 ex tempore orders which, outside of newspaper reports, have never been recorded before as indicative of High Court and Circuit Court... Read more

Practice and Procedure in the Superior Courts

This hugely popular title from one of Ireland’s leading barristers is now completely rewritten and fully updated. Anybody dealing with the High or Supreme Courts of Ireland will find this accessible book truly indispensable. Practice and Procedure in the Superior Courts, 3rd edition comprises the fully consolidated and updated text of the rules that govern procedure in the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, High Court and Central Criminal Court... Read more

Prison Law

Prison litigation is becoming increasingly common in Ireland. Prison numbers are at an all-time high and conditions in many Irish prisons have been criticised by international and domestic human rights bodies, such as the Irish Penal Reform Trust and the Inspector of Prisons who have voiced concern about the lack of accountability for decisions taken by prison administrators on issues such as discipline, transfers and release. The rights of prisoners... Read more

Ancillary Discovery

This title deals with disclosure of information outside the Rules of Court, for example, as an independent action, in aid of tracing remedies, in aid of Mareva injunctions or Anton Piller orders, or, in the Republic of Ireland, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act. This book deals with ancillary discovery in Ireland (North and South), England and Wales. There has been major reform of civil procedure in the relevant jurisdictions... Read more