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The collapse of the Celtic Tiger saw an unprecedented number of Irish companies enter into corporate insolvency proceedings. This in turn necessitated practitioners, directors and shareholders alike to become aware of the various mechanisms under Irish law for dealing with insolvent companies, namely receivership, examinership and liquidation.

Corporate Insolvency and Rescue (3rd Ed) by Irene Lynch-Fannon and Gerard Murphy provides a detailed consideration of the consolidated position on corporate insolvency in Ireland as it appears under the Companies Act 2014, making this title an invaluable resource for busy practitioners.

Other titles in this area include Summary Judgement in Ireland: Principles and Defences by Pat J Barrett and Buying and Selling Insolvent Companies and Businesses in Ireland by Bill Holohan, Ger O’ Mahony and Ted Harding.

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Insolvency Books

Buying and Selling Insolvent Companies and Businesses in Ireland

Buying and Selling Insolvent Companies and Businesses is a brand new title focusing on all aspects of the purchase and sale of an insolvent company or business, practical, legal and financial. Designed for the lay reader, as well as the practitioner, it provides a clear insight into issues that can arise when a target business is insolvent and how to deal with them. This new title brings the specific Irish... Read more

Summary Judgment in Ireland: Principles and Defences

Summary Judgment in Ireland: Principles and Defences is a single source book that deals solely with the issue of summary judgments and is an efficient and convenient way for practitioners to research points relating to practice and procedure. A summary judgment is a judgment usually entered in a court office or by a court official for a fixed and agreed amount of money due as a debt where the person... Read more

Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law is an essential text for practitioners working in the field and for trainees undertaking the Law Society’s Professional Practice Course. It examines the many aspects of insolvency that practitioners face, including personal insolvency, company insolvency, compulsory and voluntary liquidations, receiverships, alternatives to winding up and international insolvency. This book is designed to equip practitioners with the legal knowledge necessary to act for liquidators, receivers, examiners, directors and shareholders... Read more

Corporate Insolvency and Rescue

The second edition of this authoritative book examines in detail all the corporate insolvency procedures available in Ireland, including examination, receivership and winding-up. It examines the rights and liabilities of the parties involved in the winding-up process – company directors, shareholders, and secured and unsecured creditors – and also addresses the issue of fraudulent and reckless trading. Read more

Corporate Insolvency and Rescue

Corporate Insolvency and Rescue, Third Edition provides a full description and analysis of Irish corporate insolvency law, comprehensively updated from the publication of the second edition of this text in 2012 to the present. In particular, it is updated to the Companies Act 2014, which has transformed company law in Ireland. The book provides detailed consideration of the law relating to all insolvency processes and corporate restructuring, including examinership, receivership... Read more

Summary Judgment in Ireland: Principles and Defences

Summary judgment is the judgment which may be given where the plaintiff’s claim in a Circuit Court civil bill is for: a debt or liquidated demand in money; for the delivery or specific good in an action for detinue; for the enforcement, performance or carrying out of a trust; or for ejectment, with our with out a claim for rent or mesne profits. The plaintiff may apply to the court... Read more

Personal Insolvency Law

This new title covers a very important area of law in the current economic climate. Currently, the personal insolvency legislation is being reformed in Ireland. The area has not seen such a change in decades, the last significant piece of legislation being the Bankruptcy Act 1988. The Personal Insolvency Act 2012 radically changed the law relating to personal insolvency and bankruptcy in Ireland. The main impact of the Act is... Read more