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Family law is the name given to the area of legal practice which governs domestic and matrimonial relationships, which of course since 2015 includes married same-sex partners.

Our leading text in this area, Irish Family Law Handbook by Deirdre Kennedy and Elizabeth Maguire, offers comprehensive guidance on the full suite of family law legislation, including the Children and Family Law Relationships Act 2015.

Divorce and Judicial Separation Proceedings in the Circuit Court: A Guide to Order 59 offers a practitioner-focused reference guide to the new Circuit Court (Family Law) Rules 2017, which aim to simplify divorce and separation proceedings.

Other titles include Children’s Rights in Ireland by Ursula Kilkelly and Pensions: A Handbook for the Family Law Practitioner by Laura Cahill and Sonya Dixon.

Our titles are available for purchase in print and e-book format.

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Family Law Books

Pensions – A Handbook for the Family Law Practitioner

Pensions – A Handbook for the Family Law Practitioner is a practical guide dealing with pensions in the context of family law in Ireland. There is no other book in the Irish market dealing directly with this topic. Pensions are one of the most valuable marital assets and cause problems every day for family law practitioners. As a result, many barristers and solicitors employ a pension expert to advise on... Read more

Children’s Rights in Ireland

“Dr. Kilkelly’s newest book, Children’s Rights in Ireland: Law, Policy, and Practice, is a most useful and significant legal treatise of interest not only in Ireland but to readers in all English speaking nations. This book provides a thorough review of the historical evolution of the rights of children, relevant theories, case law, legislation, and a review of the current and growing influence of international law in the realm of... Read more

Family Law

Your comprehensive guide to family law. This practical and popular book covers this complex area of Irish law in it’s entirety, including property issues, adoption, guardianship and custody, and protection against spousal misconduct, as well as the major topics of divorce, separation and nullity. Highly specialist and user-friendly, legal practitioners will appreciate the clearly presented notes, annotations and expert commentary throughout. A vital source of information for all family lawyers,... Read more

Northern Ireland Social Work Law

A unique and practical book for lawyers, social workers and social work students in Northern Ireland. Covering all areas of the law relating to social work practice, this title advises and guides, and clearly presents the vital legislative information in a clear and userfriendly style. Comprehensive and fully cross-referenced, Northern Ireland Social Work Law is an essential book for busy legal practitioners and health care professionals alike. Contents: Introduction to... Read more

Irish Family Law Handbook

Irish Family Law Handbook, Fifth Edition comprises consolidated and annotated legislation including coverage of the Children and Family Law Relationships Act 2015. Each section is annotated to indicate amendments or repeals – key legal information which is quickly accessible and clearly outlined. Whatever aspect of family law you practice, this essential guide will ensure you’ve the latest legal guidance and reference information to hand at all times. The authors have... Read more

Divorce and Judicial Separation Proceedings in the Circuit Court

Following 12 years of piecemeal amendments, 2017 and 2018 saw the Circuit Court make significant changes to family law Rules. Most notable among the changes was the Circuit Court Rules (Family Law) 2017 and also the consolidation of Order 59. With the vast majority of divorce and separation proceedings being dealt with at the Circuit Court level, it is vital for those working in the area of family law to... Read more