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With some of the most experienced experts in the field, our practitioner-focused portfolio of criminal law titles covers an extensive range of topics including contemporary issues like corporate crime, policing police as well as national security and the Special Criminal Court.

Corporate Crime by Shelley Horan offers targeted insight into Ireland’s experience with white-collar criminal activity, after the issue was catapulted into mainstream public opinion following the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank and the subsequent bailout of the financial services sector.

Our essential new text, National Security Law, author Eoin O’Connor BL breaks down the myriad of ancillary issues which fall under the umbrella of national security – including its effect on immigration and asylum policy as well as restrictions on media reporting.

The Special Criminal Court: Practice and Procedure by Alice Harrison BL contains cogent and accessible analysis of the history, evidential rules and types of offences commonly associated with Ireland’s most controversial – and arguably most important – judicial institution.

Our Irish Criminal Law online service provides subscribers with unlimited access to useful titles, materials and insightfully updates compiled by Edward Doocey BL and Ciara Hallinan of Michael Staines solicitors.

Our books are available for purchase in print or e-book format.

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Criminal Law Books

Corporate Crime

Corporate Crime covers issues resulting from the recent recession in Ireland which has unearthed a great number of unhealthy and potentially criminal practices, particularly in the banking and financial sector of the Irish economy. Issues arising in the context of the prosecution of companies, the sentencing of companies, corporate criminal and individual liability, and in the context of the constitutional rights of companies, are fully considered. Takes the reader through... Read more

A Guide to Expert Witness Evidence

A Guide to Expert Witness Evidence is a uniquely comprehensive exploration of expert witness evidence in Ireland. This new book places the expert witness in context, giving an overview of the Irish legal system both civil and criminal, and the different types of quasi-judicial tribunals and arbitration/mediation procedures. Once placed in this context, the practicalities of the expert witness’ role are explored. The book explains who can be an expert... Read more

Police Powers in Ireland

Police Powers in Ireland covers everything a practitioner needs to know about police powers. There is no closer tie to criminal law than the powers of the police in the country. The book is a practical every-day guide and is useful to people who practise in the area as it refers to cases not cited elsewhere. It starts with the history of the force, their duties and powers. Then it... Read more

Misuse of Drugs: Criminal Offences and Penalties

This unique title provides detailed narrative on the application of misuse of drugs legislation in Ireland. Dealing in particular with the principal Drugs Acts 1977-1984 and Criminal Justice Acts 2006 and 2007 the book covers all relevant case law and includes consolidated versions of the relevant drugs Acts, which have been heavily amended by the Criminal Justice Acts 2006 and 2007. Contents: 1. Introduction – International Obligations; 2. Controlled Drugs;... Read more

The Special Criminal Court: Practice and Procedure

The Special Criminal Court: Practice and Procedure is the first general textbook in four decades to cover all aspects of the Special Criminal Court. It is a comprehensive and detailed review of the Court’s rulings, legislative developments, and procedural and evidential rules. In light of the fact that the Special Criminal Court is a creature of statute, the procedural rules are extraordinarily specific and this book sets these out comprehensively... Read more

National Security Law in Ireland

National security is becoming a global preoccupation. It drives some of the most important political discussions of today, and is increasingly present in public concerns. From a legal perspective, national security is becoming increasingly relevant in the fields of immigration and asylum law and media law in that can affect newspapers’ ability to publish stories which concern national security issues. National Security Law in Ireland is the first book of... Read more

Criminal Legislation in Ireland

Criminal Legislation in Ireland, 3rd edition consolidates the most important and frequently-utilised pieces of criminal legislation and facilitates easy reference to legislation for criminal practitioners and students alike. It allows easy access to recent pieces of legislation, as well as incorporating amendments to older Acts, thereby saving time and keeping practitioners up to date. The text also contains older legislation, which is not easily accessible on the internet. The book... Read more