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Whether purchasing one’s morning coffee or paying off a phone bill, the average person enters into a multitude of contracts each and every day. The vast amount of contracts are concerned with rather mundane transactions, far removed from the multi-million euro deals we see reported in the news.

Contract Law by McDermott and McDermott, offers clear and accessible guidance on all aspects the law of contract: from offer and acceptance through to remedies, no stone is left unturned in this erudite consideration of the principles which regulate commercial relationships between private individuals and corporate entities.

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Contract Law

Contract Law, Second Edition is a comprehensive and informative account of Irish contract law which contains all of the developments since the first edition was published in 2001. Building on the original material of the first edition, this edition contains two new chapters which examine the topics of: – How to successfully make contracts – Remedies other than damages, namely specific performance, injunctions and restitution The law relating to contracts... Read more