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Ratified in 1937 by a national plebiscite, Bunreacht na hÉireann remains the most important legal document of the Republic of Ireland. The Constitution lays out the primary rights of citizens and the principles governing relationships between individuals, institutions and the state.

Far from being a stagnant document, the Constitution is in a constant state of flux. While the expansion of rights which followed the bout of judicial activism first begun by Kenny J in Ryan v AG has largely abated, much constitutional change still occurs through referenda and the various forms of judicial interpretation.

Our market-leading range of constitutional law titles is spearheaded by Kelly: The Irish Constitution (5th Ed). Authored by Gerard Hogan, Gerry Whyte, Rachael Walsh and David Kenny, Kelly is commonly recognised as the authoritative and definitive commentary on Irish constitutional law.

Other titles include Judicial Review by Mark de Blacam, Constitutional Law in Ireland by Michael Forde and Dave Leonard as well as Electoral Law in Ireland by Jennifer Kavanagh.

Our titles are available for purchase in print and e-book format.

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Constitutional and Administrative Law Books

Constitutional Law of Ireland

Originally written for the fiftieth anniversary of the Constitution of Ireland, this book is an account of how the Constitution’s requirements have been implemented by the legislature and interpreted by the courts. In this way it provides an integrated and contextual account of constitutional law in Ireland. It goes as far as to place it in context of some foreign constitutions, especially the Constitutions of the United States, France, Germany... Read more

Judicial Review

Judicial Review, Third Edition covers the grounds for review, defences to an application, the remedies and procedures involved and covers the Rules of the Superior Courts 2011, SI 691/2011. It includes cases such as article 40 inquiries (habeas corpus applications) and references to the European Court of Justice under article 234 TEC. It is the definitive text on judicial review available in Ireland and also of important reference in the... Read more

The Constitution of Ireland: Perspectives and Prospects

The Constitution of Ireland: Perspectives and Prospects brings together a range of Irish and international commentators to examine some of the most significant current issues in Irish constitutional law. Based on a selection of the papers originally presented at a conference to mark the 75th anniversary of the enactment of the current Constitution of Ireland, the collection touches on many of the challenges facing Ireland today. These include: the possibilities... Read more

Statutory Interpretation in Ireland

This unique title provides an in depth guide to statutory interpretation, from an Irish perspective. It deals with the key legislation, including the Interpretation Act 2005, and the important case law that’s relevant in this area of the law. Statutory Interpretation will be hugely beneficial to all solicitors, academics, government departments, and the increasing number of bodies that rely on accurate statutory interpretation. Read more

Regulatory Law in Ireland

Business and the law… your accessible guide to regulation in Ireland’s economy This much needed new legal resource provides a clear legal overview of the heavily regulated sectors of the Irish economy: – Aviation – Banking and financial services – Broadcasting – Communications including post – Energy For anybody advising or working for a commercial organisation operating in any of these sectors, Regulatory Law in Ireland is a truly essential... Read more

Electoral Law in Ireland

Electoral Law in Ireland guides the reader through the labyrinthine regulation of electoral law in Ireland from the creation and registration of parties, through to administrative issues with funding, lobbying, political advertising through to issues regarding ethical aspects of political life such as Standards and Ethics in Public Office. Since the foundation of the State there have been 61 acts and 287 statutory instruments dealing with the regulation of political... Read more

Kelly: The Irish Constitution

This seminal work, recognised as the authoritative and definitive commentary on Ireland’s fundamental law, provides a detailed guide to the structure of the Irish Constitution. Each Article is set out in full, in English and Irish, and examined in detail, with reference to all the leading Irish and international case law. It is essential reading for all who require knowledge of the Irish legal system and will prove a vital... Read more

Irish Statute Book: A Guide to Irish Legislation

This title was acquired from First Law in 2010. Read more