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Competition Law

This title is a highly usable guide to EU competition law, set in the context of international legal practice and with particular focus on the UK and Ireland. It includes extensive Competition Law Questions & Answers and Precedents. Also included are appendices reproducing a number of documents that are essential to the most common types of competition law issues, for example, the Commission’s guidelines on vertical agreements and its guidelines... Read more

Irish Competition Law

This book explores Irish competition law in the light of the Competition Act 2002 which repealed the previous Competition Acts and along with the Monopolies and Merger Control Act 1978 makes several important changes to Irish competition law, in particular to the area of mergers and acquisitions, as it introduces a new merger control regime. Read more

Competition Law and Practice

This comprehensive book studies the effect of competition law in Ireland and within the wider context of the EU. The clear and comprehensive coverage includes anti-competitive arrangements, abuse of a dominant position, plus specific arrangements and practices such as cartels, agency and distribution agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, trade associations, intellectual property arrangements, franchising, pricing, trading conditions and advertising. Key features include information on the role of the State... Read more