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In an era of globalised commercial networks, a keen understanding of Irish company law is essential for practitioners and companies carrying out business in Ireland.

Our industry-driven range of company law titles contain expert commentary on a wide range of issues, from the exploration of theoretical notions like separate legal personality through to everyday guidance on topics like the drafting shareholders agreements.

Keane on Company Law by Brian Hutchinson and The Law of Companies by Dr Thomas B. Courtney remain the leading texts on Irish company law. The upcoming Twomey on Partnership, scheduled for release in January 2019, is one of the common law’s most authoritative texts on partnership law and will cover case law and legislative advances from the past 19 years.

Our Irish Company Law online service offers unlimited access to a wide range of useful titles, materials and precedents, together with monthly updated material edited by renowned company law expert, Dr Thomas B. Courtney.

Students preparing for the Law Society’s Final Examinations – Part One (FE1s) should note that our Companies Act 2014: 2017 Edition is a permitted legislative source for the company law exam.

Our titles are available for purchase in print or in e-book format.

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Company Law Books

Irish Takeover Legislation

Irish Takeover Legislation is a compendium of legislation regulating the takeovers of public companies in Ireland. It also provides commentary outlining the application and operation of the Irish Takeover Rules and identifies other legal issues relevant to takeovers in Ireland. The following primary and secondary legislation is included: Companies Acts 1963, ss 201-204 Companies (Forms) Order 1964 European Communities (Mergers and Divisions of Companies) Regulations 1987 Irish Takeover Panel Act... Read more

Keane on Company Law

Keane on Company Law, Fifth Edition (previously: Company Law by Justice Ronan Keane) covers the Companies Act 2014 and is essential reading for students, solicitors and barristers alike. This latest edition of Judge Keane’s highly regarded text on Irish company law is substantially revised and updated to cover the Companies Act 2014, as amended up to October 2016, and also covers the many developments in the case-law since the fourth... Read more

Company Law Compliance and Enforcement

A key company law title, Enforcement of Company Law addresses specifically the law of corporate enforcement in Ireland, including the Corporate Enforcement Act 2001 and the powers of the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement. Other important legal developments, such as the recent corporate and accounting fraud scandals, are also thoroughly explored in this accessible and comprehensive book. Read more

Court Applications under the Companies Acts

Court Applications under the Companies Acts (originally titled: Irish Company Law – Practice, Procedure and Precedents) covers company law litigation and focusses on procedure as well containing commentary on the law. Each chapter looks at specific company law applications. The book includes new case law in the area of liquidation and examinership, the new Rules of the Superior Courts concerning liquidation and examinership and substantial changes to the law from... Read more

Bloomsbury Professional’s Guide to the Companies Act 2014

Bloomsbury Professional’s Guide to the Companies Act 2014 covers the key areas of Companies Act 2014 in Ireland and walks the reader through the changes and their significance for practitioners. Each chapter is written by an acknowledged expert in that area. This book includes Companies Act 1963 – 2012 and also Companies Act 2014. Read more

The Law of Companies

The fourth edition of the leading company law textbook, provides the most authoritative and comprehensive commentary on Irish company law following the commencement of the Companies Act 2014. The Companies Act 2014 makes the most far-reaching and fundamental changes to Irish company law in two generations, putting forward a radically different approach whereby the private company limited by shares will become the new model company. The structure of the fourth... Read more

Companies Act 2014

Companies Act 2014 comprises all key primary, secondary and European legislation relevant to company law practitioners in Ireland. Each relevant piece of legislation is fully consolidated and accompanied by a commentary to assist practitioners in interpreting the legislation. The consolidation and redrafting of the Companies Acts 1963-2012 ushered in significant changes to the practice of company law in Ireland. Practitioners can bring themselves up to speed with the new Act’s... Read more

Tables of Origins and Destinations: Companies Act 2014

Tables of Destination and Origin: Companies Act 2014 contain the tables of destination and origin for the Companies Act 2014. These tables set out the old legislative sections and the corresponding new sections and vice versa. In November 2014 the new Companies Act was signed into law, this consolidation and redrafting of the Companies Acts 1963-2012 ushered in significant changes to Irish company law. This title, outlining the old legislative... Read more

Irish Company Secretary’s Handbook

Irish Company Secretary’s Handbook examines the company secretarial requirements contained in the Companies Acts and relevant EU regulations. The book includes useful chapters on all areas of company secretarial practice, including annual returns, directors’ and auditors’ responsibilities as well as statutory disclosure requirements. It gives a clear explanation of the many day-to-day functions of a company secretary along with a large number of up-to-date precedents, practical checklists, step-by-step instructions and... Read more

Buying and Selling Private Companies in Ireland

This is a highly practical work for solicitors and accountants. The work adopts a practical approach, considering both the vendor and seller’s perspective and provides the practitioner with a step-by-step guide to all the legal, taxation and commercial issues involved in buying and selling private companies and businesses. It includes draft enquiries, letters of disclosure and a specimen completion agenda. Read more

Corporate Insolvency and Rescue

Corporate Insolvency and Rescue, Third Edition provides a full description and analysis of Irish corporate insolvency law, comprehensively updated from the publication of the second edition of this text in 2012 to the present. In particular, it is updated to the Companies Act 2014, which has transformed company law in Ireland. The book provides detailed consideration of the law relating to all insolvency processes and corporate restructuring, including examinership, receivership... Read more

Twomey on Partnership

Comprehensive and highly detailed, Twomey on Partnership, 2nd edition, includes practitioner-focused chapters on disputes between partners, litigation by and against partnerships and a commentary on each of the clauses of a typical partnership agreement. Few areas of law are as similar throughout the common law world as partnership law. This important book analyses not only Irish, English and Scottish partnership cases, but also the rich vein of partnership cases to... Read more

Bloomsbury Professional’s Company Law Guide 2017

The Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 makes over 100 changes to the Companies Act 2014. Taken with the Companies (Amendment) Act 2017 and the Beneficial Ownership Regulations 2016, they have introduced significant changes to company and accounting law and practice. This book will explain and contextualise the many changes for legal and accounting practitioners. The Beneficial Ownership Regulations, in particular, are very technical and complex and this book will provide much-needed... Read more

Companies Act 2014: 2018 Edition

The redrafting of the Companies Acts 1963–2012 ushered in significant changes to Irish company law and all company law practitioners and company law students in Ireland will need to be up to speed with the new Act’s provisions. In this new edition, the Companies Act 2014 is updated to account for all changes to it, up to and including the Companies (Statutory Audits) Act 2018. The 2018 Act makes over... Read more