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Having recognised the utility of charitable trusts in the alleviation of poverty, Queen Elizabeth sought to encourage their operation through the Charitable Uses Act 1601. The preamble to the act contained a list of purposes or activities which were deemed of benefit to society, and therefore worthy of certain concessions.

400 years later, charities are still very much part of the fabric of modern society. The Charities Act 2009 sought to codify outstanding common law rules pertaining to charitable trusts, while also attempting to enusre ‘greater accountability’ across the sector.

Our upcoming title, Law of Charities in Ireland by Oonagh Breen, details how all charities in Ireland can ensure that they are completely compliant with all aspects of Irish law – making this book an invaluable addition to the library of practitioners involved with charities.

Our titles are available in print and e-book format.

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