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The modern legal landscape is dominated by demands for flexibility. From commercial arbitration through to familial mediation, the process known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) seeks to add a degree of dexterity to legal proceedings, providing a viable alternative to costly and drawn-out litigation.

Our market-leading range of titles offer targeted insight into the realm of alternative dispute resolution, making them required reading for students and practitioners seeking to master the art of conciliatory deal-making.

Mediation Law, by Penelope McRedmond, offers an erudite consideration of the broader range of contemporary issues concerning ADR law and practice – paying particular attention to the years of attempted legislative reform by the Oireachtas, which culminated in the Mediation Bill 2017.

Scheduled for release in May 2019, International Commercial Arbitration Law , authored by Patrick Mair, Louise Reilly and Gillian Cahill, is sure to be an invaluable guide to the intricacies of cross-border boardroom mediation against the backdrop of an increasingly-globalised business environment.

Our titles are available for purchase in print and e-book format.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Books

Mediation Law

In September 2017 the Government passed the Mediation Act 2017. This Act sets out a statutory framework integrating mediation into the Irish civil justice system. The 2017 Act aims to promote mediation as a viable, effective and efficient alternative to court proceedings, thereby reducing legal costs, speeding up the resolution of disputes and reducing the stress and acrimony that often accompanies court proceedings. This new title focuses on the 2017... Read more

International Commercial Arbitration Law

Arbitration Law and Procedure in Ireland offers a comprehensive guide to the area or arbitration following the Arbitration Act 2010. Includes the following: An explanation of the law, clearly setting out the principles that apply to arbitrations so readers fully understand the differences between the law and the litigation process; A thorough examination of relevant case law; A knowledge of international arbitration law as expressed in the UNCITRAL model. Contents:... Read more