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Bloomsbury Professional Online gives you unlimited access to our books, looseleafs and journals across our 9 practice areas at Bloomsbury Professional Ireland.

With access to leading titles in each area, written by respected authors in their field, you’ll have up-to-date legal and tax commentary and analysis from our books, looseleafs and journals, alongside updates in cases, legislation and precedents.

Our online service enables you to subscribe to only the practice areas you need, making it easier to keep your library up-to-date. Plus, you can easily edit and share the information you need with your colleagues, for free.

  • Bespoke packages to meet your business needs
  • Trusted content from respected texts and leading authors
  • Regularly updated and integrated with consolidated tax legislation

Online access to the leading Irish legal and tax research

BPrO, Bloomsbury Professional’s online service provides access to legal and tax commentary and analysis from our books and looseleafs along with updates in cases, legislation, and precedents.

BPrO Ireland provides this content across 9 practice areas including property law, company law and criminal law. In 2019 we will also be proud to provide the Murdoch and Hunt Encyclopaedia of Irish Law.

With our online service you only subscribe to the practice areas you need. Providing you with access to the leading titles in each area, these online services make it easier to keep your library fully up-to-date, and to access, edit and share the information you need from the respected authors and texts.

Achieving More

We understand the need to grow and sustain your business while delivering the best possible service to clients. We also understand the range of challenges and constraints facing practitioners in achieving this goal:

  • Time pressures and tracking projects
  • Ability to take on more varied work
  • Providing the right information at the right time
  • Drafting documents quickly
  • Cost of external advice
  • uilding comprehensive library and keeping it up to date
  • Making legal resources available across a large office or outside the office

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